Prescribed by the diabetologists
adopted by diabetics.

Protection for blood glucose sensors and insulin pumps

Protection designed
by people living with diabetes

The solution to adhesive issues with CGM devices

A brand created to meet the needs of people with diabetes.

Capteur Protect

Where it all began

Sensor Protect is a brand of blood glucose sensor and pump protection, created to meet the needs of people with diabetes. As a parent of a diabetic child and a high level diabetic athlete, we have been confronted with many issues. That's why we spent several years researching and testing to bring you a sensor protector that fits all situations.

Sensor protectors to overcome sensor and pump problems

Thanks to Capteur Protect, we are now in a position to offer you sensor protections to alleviate the problems of detachment in swimming pools and aquatic environments. To make life easier for diabetics, we have put our heart into correcting the problem of adhesion of blood glucose sensors and insulin pumps. This is why Capteur Protect does not come off under water or slip off with perspiration. It is a patch suitable for daily use, as well as for intense exercise.

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