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Dexcom G6 Beige Patch Pack

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Our patch gives you 10 days of adhesion to prevent your Dexcom G6 from coming off. It is also certified as a medical device, has a hypoallergenic glue and is hydrophobic. This kit is composed of 3 Dexcom G6 sensor protectors.

Developed to withstand immersion in water

The Sensor Protect patch effectively holds your Dexcom G6. It prevents the sensor from becoming detached or changing at an inappropriate time. The patch has been designed to withstand water immersion, perspiration and water pressure while maintaining the sensor. This support solution can be used in daily life, sports activities... Whether you are a sportsman or not, your patch can follow you everywhere for the duration of the Dexcom sensor. Capteur Protect brings you 10 days of peace of mind.

1 review for Lot de patchs Dexcom G6 Beige

  1. Barois Marie -

    Just like the Freestyle patches, the Dexcom patch has an impressive adhesive power. No stress from the risk of peeling, so less mental strain. It is also resistant to rubbing against clothing, showers and heavy perspiration. And the skin underneath breathes! No reddening of the skin when removing the Dexcom and its patch.
    I don't give 5 stars but 4 because :
    - the patch lacks a "growth" which would allow it to be peeled off the paper more easily
    - only the flesh colour is available for free purchase

    I take this opportunity to ask for the omnipod patches to be sold over the counter 🤞

    • Nina -

      Hello Marie,
      Thank you for your very positive feedback!
      For Dexcom patches, all our colours are available directly from the Pharmazon website.
      Good day to you,

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