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protection for GLYCEMIA sensor, insulin pumps

The solution to help maintain blood glucose sensors

If you are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and are new to CGM sensors, we're sure you are enjoying the freedom of no longer having to rely on fingerstick blood testing! Unfourtunately you may be struggling with trying to keep your sensor on for its full 14 days of use.

How about an end to strapping your sensor on your arm, or worrying your child's sensor will have an adhesive fail at school?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Patches

The solution for CGM devices that come unstuck


Is your Continuous Glucose Monitor falling off? Do you need a reliable adhesive solution?

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device is a blood glucose sensor that allows you to assess and measure the level of glucose in the interstitial fluid. It works autonomously, relieving you from constantly monitoring your blood glucose levels. Your blood glucose level is assessed by the sensor placed on your skin, which you can keep in place for up to 14 days. The device comes with a meter that allows you to read information about your blood glucose variability.

However, you may encounter some problems with your sensor. Indeed, you must be meticulous when choosing its location should you place it on moles, scars or tattoos, sensors can slip. The adhesion of a CGM sensor is variable depending on cosmetics applied to the skin, skin type and the moisture of the skin or a persons hairiness. This means that you often have to place the sensor behind your arm or readjust it.

CGM adhesive fails

A long lasting (up to 14days), hypoallergenic solution - A Certified Medical Device

It would be a shame to do without a CGM device simply because of its poor adhesion, so we have created an adhesive support : The Capteur Protect patch In addition to having a wider choice of sensor placemet our Capteur Protect patches allows you more freedom in your movements. You don't have to worry about it remaining in place, because the Capteur Protect is resistant to friction from clothes, aquatic environements, contact sports, heat, humidity, as well as everyday movement. 

Pool protection for CGM devices

The Capteur Protect Patch is ideal for the swimming pool.

During the development of Capteur Protect, we focused on adhesion, in order to be able to offer you a patch that does not come off under water. As the adhesion of CGM are often the weak point of the product, it was important to us to design a particularly waterproof protection. It is suitable for all sportsmen and women, as well as for people who sweat a lot and who are likely to damage their sensor.

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