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The solution to help maintain glucose sensors

If you're a type 1 or type 2 diabetic and you're not yet familiar with the Freestyle Libre sensor, you'll soon realise that this device is essential to your daily life.

How about putting an end to repeated injections and capillary blood glucose calibration?

Freestyle sensor protection

The solution to Freestyle sensors that come unstuck

Want to do away with the Freestyle Libre sensor that comes unstuck?

Le Freestyle sensor is a glucose meter that allows you to assess and measure the level of glucose present in interstitial fluid. It works by itself, so you no longer need to constantly monitor your blood glucose profile. Your blood glucose level is assessed using a sensor placed on your skin, which you can keep in place for up to 14 days. The device comes with a meter so you can read information about your blood sugar variability.

However, you may encounter a few problems with this glucose sensor. You need to be meticulous when choosing where to place it. Visit Freestyle sensor Free glide if you place it on moles, scars or tattoos, or depending on your skin type. The adhesion of the Freestyle Libre sensor is affected by cosmetic products applied to oily skin, skin humidity and hair growth. So you often have to place the sensor behind your arm or readjust it.

Pack of brown Cover patches compatible with Dexcom G6 / Dexcom One

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Cover Tatoo patches for Omnipod pumps

Cover Black patches for Omnipod pumps

Cover Marron patches for Omnipod pumps

Freestyle sensor that takes off

A solution that resists the rubbing of your clothes

Since it would be a shame to do without the Freestyle Libre sensor because of its poor grip, we have created a protection for the waterproof Freestyle sensor The Capteur Protect patch. As well as having a wider choice when it comes to fitting your glucose sensor, the Freestyle sensor protection gives you more freedom of movement. You don't have to worry about how it fits, because the Capteur Protect solution is resistant to rubbing against your clothes and to all kinds of movement. 

free freestyle pool sensor protection

Protect sensor protection is ideal for swimming pools.

During the development of Capteur Protect, we concentrated our efforts on adhesion, so as to be able to offer you a patch that won't come off underwater. The adhesion of the Freestyle Libre sensor being the product's weak point, we made a point of designing a particularly waterproof protection. It's suitable for all types of sportsmen and women, as well as people who perspire a lot, which can affect the grip of their sensor.


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