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sensor cover

Pack of beige Protect sensor patches

(22 customer reviews)

Our patch gives you 14 days of adhesion to prevent your Freestyle Libre sensor from peeling off and changing.

This kit is composed of 2 or 4 free Freestyle sensor covers (see choice of options below).

Developed to withstand immersion in water

The Sensor Protect patch effectively holds your FSL sensor in place. It prevents the sensor from becoming detached or changing. The patch has been designed to withstand water immersion, perspiration and water pressure while maintaining the sensor. In this way, with this adhesive patch, you will forget about your Freestyle Libre sensor. This protection can be used in everyday life, sports activities ... Sportsman or not, your patch can follow you everywhere during the duration of the sensor Freestyle Libre. Capteur Protect brings you 14 days of peace of mind.

22 reviews for Lot de patchs Capteur Protect beige

  1. Glad -

    My teenager regularly uses this protective patch. He is very happy with it. It allows him to do his sports activities with confidence and to go out with his friends in total discretion. No allergies, perfect product!

  2. Larrieu -

    It's a pity that it's difficult to place. Perfect if the hole diameter was bigger and the protection in 2 parts.

  3. Fanny BERGAMO -

    Great! Ideal solution that I could not make despite all my attempts with what can be found in pharmacies. I'm looking forward to the small changes (strip to position it and new colours).
    My doctor has just prescribed it for me. Is it reimbursed?

    • Anne -

      Hello Fanny,

      Thanks for your feedback, the novelty is now on the beige, tatoo and brown patches 😉
      Indeed, this can be partially or fully reimbursed depending on the mutual insurance company.
      Have a nice day, The Capteur Protect team.

  4. Karine -

    Always delighted! I enjoy my water activities and sports to the full!

  5. Hulin -

    I have just received them and they fit very well

  6. michel henry -

    great product

  7. Josette Vaucouleur -

    I have received a copy that I am wearing and I want to place an order

  8. Brosset -

    Perfect, the only downside is that
    The paper should be in two parts. It would be easier to glue

    • Samir -

      Hello, Good comment, we have planned a tab to facilitate the installation of the patch, it will be available from next year. Good day to you.

  9. maryline NAY -

    very effective maintenance perfect for both the shower and the beach.

  10. Océane -

    It would be nice if there were other skin colours and not just "beige".

    • Samir -

      Hello, Thank you for your feedback, the project is ongoing, we will soon propose 2 additional colours.

  11. Delord -

    My mother is very happy about it.

  12. Martine Benkimoun -

    Perfect for protecting the device, easy to apply and very durable

  13. Assista -

    Very satisfied

  14. Cubells -

    I received a sample, I am very satisfied, it would be better if the protective paper was in 2 parts, easier to put on.

  15. maryse2 -

    great product

  16. Clotilde -

    Perfect! I've been waiting for a patch like this for a long time that allows me to enjoy holidays, sports and swimming without worrying about my sensor ☺️

  17. Caze -

    I was very happy, I had tried everything, in pharmacies, on the internet, but unfortunately nothing worked! Then my mother told me about your patch. I ordered it and my daughter is living again !!!!! It's a pity that they are not yet reimbursed, but I had bought more expensive ones. Thank you so much.

  18. Palaoro -

    Top notch thanks

  19. Petrault -

    I think it's great because I often have the sensor come off

  20. Crest -


  21. crest -

    very well satisfied

  22. Sam -

    As a sportsman, Sensor Protect allows me to fully use my FSL without tearing and with discretion. After testing many solutions, I finally found the product that combines comfort, durability and aesthetics

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