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Pink Protect sensor patches

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Our patch gives you 14 days of adhesion to prevent your Freestyle Libre sensor from peeling off and changing.

This kit is composed of 4 free freestyle sensor covers.


Developed to withstand immersion in water

The Sensor Protect patch effectively maintains your Freestyle Libre Sensor (FSL). It prevents the sensor from becoming detached or changing at an inappropriate time. The patch has been designed to withstand water immersion, perspiration and water pressure while maintaining the sensor. In this way, thanks to this adhesive patch, you will forget the presence of your FSL sensor. This protection can be used in everyday life, sports activities ... Sportsman or not, your patch can follow you everywhere during the duration of the free freestyle sensor. Capteur Protect brings you 14 days of peace of mind.

2 reviews for Lot de patchs Capteur Protect rose

  1. Rivet -

    Hello, could I have a free sample of each protect sensor to see how well it works and how strong it is.
    Thank you very much.
    Mrs RIVET Monique 21 Rue Clément Héron 41160 Saint Hilaire La Gravelle

  2. Sene -

    It's a pity you only have a pink flash colour.

    • Anne -

      We note your comment, pink is a new colour that we have been offering for the last month.
      We hope to be able to offer you more colours in the near future.
      Which colour would you like to see available on our site?
      Pleasant day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

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