Prescribed by the endocrino,
adopted by diabetics.

free freestyle sensor protector

Set of Capteur Protect patches - TATOO


(42 customer reviews)

Our patch for the Freestyle Libre FSL sensor gives you long-lasting adhesion to prevent your FSL sensor from peeling off and changing.

This kit is composed of 2 or 4 FSL freestyle sensor covers (see choice of options below).


Developed to withstand immersion in water

These patches effectively protect your freestyle sensor from coming unstuck and causing unwanted changes to your sensor. Developed to resist immersion in water, Sensor Protect allows your device to be held in place. In this way, thanks to this adhesive patch, you will forget the presence of your free freestyle sensor. You can use Capteur Protect in your daily life as well as during your most intense sports activities. Whether you are a swimmer or a runner, your patch will follow you in the pool or on a mountain trail. This free freestyle sensor protection is resistant to water pressure and perspiration. You can enjoy the benefits of your Capteur Protect patch for up to 14 days before changing it.

42 reviews for Lot de patches Capteur Protect tatoo

  1. admin2098 -

    So cool!

  2. Océane -

    Just received, already glued! It is great! Thank you very much!

  3. Sam -

    As a sportsman, Sensor Protect allows me to fully use my FSL without tearing and with discretion. After testing many solutions, I finally found the product that combines comfort, durability and aesthetics

  4. Céline -

    Glad I could test the protect sensor!
    A joy. Having a job where I move around a lot and after testing a lot of methods I finally found something that suits me.... I think I'll order soon
    Thank you sensor protect 😉

  5. Lucie -

    The patches are very pleasant to wear and hold well. They don't rip off very often, but with these patches you don't have to worry.

  6. Piot Nathalie (baker) -

    Great. It lasted 10 days. Nice design. I hope the designer finds some nice new designs.
    Thank you. I will order 😆

  7. Océane -

    I have never been afraid of how others look at freestyle .... But with the protect sensor, I was showing it on purpose ! With its design, its shape, (I took the opportunity to explain the characteristics...) Everyone thought it was a tattoo !
    Don't hesitate, try it, it will be great!

  8. STL -

    I've been using them for 15 days now and they are great. Don't hesitate, they are great...

  9. Anouk -

    Tested and approved!
    Finally a summer of carefree swimming. My sensor no longer comes off underwater!
    I have found THE patch that holds up!

  10. mione -

    I find only one de-facto to take it off and stick it on the sensor afterwards

  11. Bonnevile -

    And please stick to the sensor

    • Samir -

      Yes, absolutely, for a better fit

  12. Mejan -

    Hello, is it possible to test

  13. Croguennec -

    Looking forward to being able to.m in use

  14. Croguennec -

    Very nice dising

  15. Croguennec -

    Very good products

  16. Alexandre Laroche -

    Very comfortable to wear!
    And French too! 😍😍😍

  17. Danielle MATHIEU -

    It looks very practical, we have to see it in use!

  18. Villien -

    I am delighted with this product, it does not come off even in very hot weather. I'm going for a swim.

  19. Dovergne -

    Very happy with these patches! They hold very well! I highly recommend them to diabetics!

  20. macbole11 -

    Thank you very much for the test! Your product is completely revolutionary and moreover made a French. It protects him from everything (swimming, climbing, hiking, trial and everyday life with my two daughters).
    Your product must be known by all types 1.
    Thanks again for making it for us!

  21. guibert -

    very good hold great 14 days for my daughter

  22. BEAUME Alexandre -

    Protective sensor put on the sensor before the 2 weeks of holidays! Held on with it every day, practically in the sea! 😊 It's great! Not so great for the tan though! Lol 😂 😂

  23. Besançon -

    Very good, but reinforced with a slightly larger Omnifix glue, cut in a round shape, which guarantees the hold for 15 days

  24. GANÉ Sylvie -

    Very successful test.
    Order renewed today.
    Thank you

  25. Doucet -

    It holds well for 15 days without coming off. Even in the sea. I will order

  26. MIGNEROT/Chardigny -

    Nice effect! It's a pity that it comes off after a week!

  27. Tulleau FRANCINE -

    Great. Very happy with the lot I received. I'm renewing my order.

  28. Cooperage -

    Very good, optimal adhesion during the 14 days of use of the sensor. Thanks

    • Samir -


      Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

      Pleasant day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  29. jean louis -

    Congratulations on this discovery, which improves the daily life of diabetics with fsl sensors.

  30. GANÉ Sylvie -

    Really practical and easy to use.

  31. Danielle MATHIEU -

    It is a great invention that keeps all its promises, I am delighted! Thank you so much, you can use it, it's great!

  32. Lynn B. -

    Perfect! Holds the 14 days of the sensor without any problem; just a detachment on the top after 10 days, but which does not hinder the sensor at all.
    No allergy to glue (whereas many devices usually trigger redness and/or itching).
    Great product!

  33. Lavallee -

    Super good and very happy and let me know if I can order thank you very much

  34. Florence Guillon -

    Great for the 14 days, recommend it without hesitation

  35. Thiers -

    Super good hold. No allergies. I received a sample to try... thank you very much... only downside is the price is a bit expensive.

  36. Royer -

    Great, doesn't come off, I'll order again

  37. Baltazar -

    I bought beige and tattoo designs, I don't know if it's the same product but the beige holds up well for 15 days, the tattoo always comes off before ....

  38. Masseaux Masseaux -

    This is the second time I've ordered the tattoo model for my son, they hold up very well for 15 days without any problems...thank you

  39. Robert LOPEZ -

    Excellent product. The only precaution is to make sure that there are no creases during the installation and then everything is fine for up to two weeks before replacing the sensor. I recommend it.

  40. Wolfert Karine -

    Very practical,
    Finally a system that keeps the sensor in place for the full 14 days.
    I can't live without it.

  41. 26250cathy -

    too good, efficient and beautiful!

  42. jacky -

    great product thank you very much

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