Prescribed by the diabetologists
adopted by diabetics.

Protect tatoo sensor patches

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Our patch gives you 14 days of adhesion to prevent your Freestyle Libre sensor from peeling off and changing.

This kit is composed of 4 free freestyle sensor covers.



Developed to withstand immersion in water

The Sensor Protect patch effectively maintains your Freestyle Libre Sensor (FSL). It prevents the sensor from becoming detached or changing at an inappropriate time. The patch has been designed to withstand water immersion, perspiration and water pressure while maintaining the sensor. In this way, thanks to this adhesive patch, you will forget the presence of your FSL sensor. This protection can be used in everyday life, sports activities ... Sportsman or not, your patch can follow you everywhere during the duration of the free freestyle sensor. Capteur Protect brings you 14 days of peace of mind.

57 reviews for Lot de patchs Capteur Protect tatoo

  1. Sophie -

    Bonjour Merci beaucoup d’exister et de fabriquer capteur Protect ! Cependant, il faudrait svp qu’il y ait 1 pièce centrale de glassine à décoller en premier pour d’abord coller le patch sur le capteur puis une l’autre partie de la glassine en forme d’anneau à décoller ensuite afin de faciliter le collage sans plis tout autour…car lorsque nous sommes seul, cela est particulièrement difficile à poser correctement et la languette que vous avez rajoutée n’est pas suffisante pour y parvenir… Est ce qu’il serait svp possible de connaitre la liste des mutuelles qui prennent en charge Capteur Protect ? Avez-vous prévu qu’il soit possible de prendre un abonnement pour commander ce produit et ainsi d’avoir une réduction car le prix en pharmacie augmente régulièrement… Avez-vous aussi prévu de faire une seconde version à motif tatouage mais un peu plus féminin ? Merci d’avance pour vos réponses

  2. Claire Chap -

    I bought a pack of tattoo patches. It looks great and I really like the material. As I do a lot of sport, the edges come off a bit after a few days but with an adhesive spray or by adding small pieces of tegaderm it fixes it! Only question: are you going to make patches for dexcom?

    • Nina -

      Hello Claire,
      Indeed, we make patches for Dexcom. You can find them in the shop on our website!
      Beautiful day 😊

  3. maryse2 -

    I can no longer order your products through your site. Is this normal?

    • Nina -

      It is normal that when you arrive at our website you are redirected to Pharmazon. Pharmazon is now our partner for the sale of our products to individuals. Rest assured, it is a secure site.
      Beautiful day

  4. PELLETIER claude -

    I can confirm that after several installations it is impossible to avoid the formation of folds during installation.this is the consequence of the presence of the sensor in relief of about 1mm.but on the other hand, the patch is very adhesive and avoids the accidental sticking of the sensor.for a more adapted design, the suggestion to make it in 2 pieces would be perhaps to meditate.Cordially Claude

  5. Tacheau Stéphanie -

    Great product, I hope the tab will improve the fitting, my only concern is to remove the sensor itself after 14 days under the protection, do you have a solution
    I tested the product in one of the worst conditions: the waves of the Landes, no problem but you have to respect the 45 to 60 minutes before swimming

    • Nina -

      Hello Stéphanie,
      Our patch has a 14 day shelf life and cannot be reused for your next sensor. Alternatively, we recommend that you hold the sensor with your finger when removing your patch so that you do not remove it all at once.
      We're glad you like our patches. 😊 Have a nice day.


    hello, could the tattoo sensor protector be in another colour because the tattoo is very good but not very feminine

    • Nina -

      Hello Claudine,
      Of course, we have other colours available such as: beige, pink, blue, red, black and brown.
      Have a nice day 😊

  7. patrick.aeb13 -

    Hello. Is there an easy way to remove the sticker from the non-stick pad? I systematically bend one edge of the protector while detaching the whole thing. Is there a way to remove the sticker from the non-stick pad?

    • Nina -

      Hello Patrick,
      Our patches now have a tab for easy application.
      Hopefully this answers your problem 🙂

  8. Tony VASSAUX -

    I was skeptical at first, but I decided to put this patch on! It is great, whether in the shower or in the sea, it lasted the whole 14 days. I also agree with Pascal LHOTTE on the fact that there should be a central piece to stick on the sensor and the other part to stick all around...because when we are alone, it is a bit awkward to put on...Thank you.

  9. Amélie -

    Hello, this patch is really good, it is by far the best solution among all the protection proposals I have tested. But indeed, the perfect fit is difficult to achieve if you have to put it on yourself. The addition of the tongue is a good idea, but I'm afraid it's still not enough. The solution given by Pascal LHOTE (a central piece that can be removed for installation on the sensor and then a part that can be removed all around in one or two times for the whole gluing) is interesting.
    Thank you!

  10. LHOTE Pascal -

    Very good product with maximum effectiveness for up to 14 days. The only drawback is the protective device that can only be removed once. For an optimal installation by a single person, the ideal would be a central piece that can be removed for the installation on the sensor and then a part that can be removed all around in one or two times for the whole gluing, otherwise with only one hand and sometimes the "left", the result is not optimal. Thank you for your help.

    • Anne -

      For the installation we have recently added a tab to facilitate the placement of the patch.
      We take note of your remark concerning the removal.
      Pleasant day.

  11. Tini -

    I'm on the 3rd one, took beige colour then tatoo. Great design, good adhesion (started to peel off 2 days before the end). Following numerous reactions to the glue with the plasters/tegaderm.... Nickel so far with the patches 😉

  12. Houria -

    I've been using it for the first time in the pool and in the sea and after 4 days it's starting to come unstuck. I'm disappointed for a first time but I'm going to test it on the other arm and we'll see.

    • Anne -

      Hello Houria,
      Thank you for your feedback. Regarding swimming, it is recommended to wait 45 to 60 minutes before being in contact with water.
      In addition, please do not have any greasy substances (creams, lotions, oils, oily soaps) on your skin to maximise the adhesion of the skin.
      Before applying the patch, you can carefully warm the patch in your hands to activate the heat-sensitive glue.
      All of these elements should optimise the fit of your next patch.
      Have a nice day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  13. gol germain -

    buy in pharmacy Escarra the 04/08/2022a Cabestany 66330 it is unstuck 6 days after the installation not possible refunding thank you to explain me the why good day (pose in the respect of the instructions) much more expensive in pharmacy

    • Anne -

      Thank you for your feedback. As far as prices are concerned, pharmacies are free to offer the price they want. Our patches are covered by some mutual insurance companies, we advise you to ask your mutual insurance company.
      The patch lasts from 7 to 14 days according to our patients. To maximise the adhesion of your skin, make sure you do not have any greasy support on it (creams, lotions, oils, superfatted soap).
      In addition, we recommend waiting 45 to 60 minutes before swimming, showering and exercising.
      Before applying the patch, you can carefully warm the patch in your hands to activate the heat-sensitive glue.
      Storing the patches in a warm environment, 30° and above, may alter the glue of the patch.
      We will be happy to listen to you if necessary.
      Have a nice day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  14. Olivier Barbe-Legris -

    It's expensive for what it is. It should be covered by abbott; that would save them the expense of sending replacement sensors; but, annotated has already removed the wipe in every box; I feel for them, the benefits certainly weren't enough 😪

    • Anne -

      Hello Olivier,

      We are independent from Abbott, we do not supply the blood glucose sensor but only the patch to hold it.
      We wanted to respond to a personal problem: sensor detachment, which is a common problem for many people with diabetes.
      We invite you to read the history of Capteur Protect :
      We will be happy to listen to you if necessary.
      Pleasant day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  15. jacky -

    great product thank you very much

  16. Jeanneau Thierry -

    Good evening;
    I just glued one for the first time this evening, it doesn't seem to be bad but a big and very big problem is to glue them. I do the same thing but with the same material but bought from action with rolls where I make 50 and pay 3.50 euros. And the same that also last 14 days.

    • Anne -

      We note your comment. Our patch is recognised and acclaimed by endocrinologists and diabetologists.
      Our product is allergen-free and does not cause allergies or skin reactions. It is a medical device available in pharmacies and on our website.
      In your comment it says that the patch was put on the day before, in which case you should wait until your blood glucose sensor is removed.
      If the patch does not last the 14 days, please hold your sensor in place while gently peeling the patch off.
      We will be happy to listen to you if necessary.
      Pleasant day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  17. 26250cathy -

    too good, efficient and beautiful!

  18. Wolfert Karine -

    Very practical,
    Finally a system that keeps the sensor in place for the full 14 days.
    I can't live without it.

  19. Robert LOPEZ -

    Excellent product. The only precaution is to make sure that there are no creases during the installation and then everything is fine for up to two weeks before replacing the sensor. I recommend it.

  20. Masseaux Masseaux -

    This is the second time I've ordered the tattoo model for my son, they hold up very well for 15 days without any problems...thank you

  21. Baltazar -

    I bought beige and tattoo designs, I don't know if it's the same product but the beige holds up well for 15 days, the tattoo always comes off before ....

  22. Royer -

    Great, doesn't come off, I'll order again

  23. Thiers -

    Super good hold. No allergies. I received a sample to try... thank you very much... only downside is the price is a bit expensive.

  24. Florence Guillon -

    Great for the 14 days, recommend it without hesitation

  25. Lavallee -

    Super good and very happy and let me know if I can order thank you very much

  26. Lynn B. -

    Perfect! Holds the 14 days of the sensor without any problem; just a detachment on the top after 10 days, but which does not hinder the sensor at all.
    No allergy to glue (whereas many devices usually trigger redness and/or itching).
    Great product!

  27. Danielle MATHIEU -

    It is a great invention that keeps all its promises, I am delighted! Thank you so much, you can use it, it's great!

  28. GANÉ Sylvie -

    Really practical and easy to use.

  29. jean louis -

    Congratulations on this discovery, which improves the daily life of diabetics with fsl sensors.

  30. Cooperage -

    Very good, optimal adhesion during the 14 days of use of the sensor. Thanks

    • Samir -


      Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

      Pleasant day.

      The Capteur Protect team.

  31. Tulleau FRANCINE -

    Great. Very happy with the lot I received. I'm renewing my order.

  32. MIGNEROT/Chardigny -

    Nice effect! It's a pity that it comes off after a week!

  33. Doucet -

    It holds well for 15 days without coming off. Even in the sea. I will order

  34. GANÉ Sylvie -

    Very successful test.
    Order renewed today.
    Thank you

  35. Besançon -

    Very good, but reinforced with a slightly larger Omnifix glue, cut in a round shape, which guarantees the hold for 15 days

  36. BEAUME Alexandre -

    Protective sensor put on the sensor before the 2 weeks of holidays! Held on with it every day, practically in the sea! 😊 It's great! Not so great for the tan though! Lol 😂 😂

  37. guibert -

    very good hold great 14 days for my daughter

  38. macbole11 -

    Thank you very much for the test! Your product is completely revolutionary and moreover made a French. It protects him from everything (swimming, climbing, hiking, trial and everyday life with my two daughters).
    Your product must be known by all types 1.
    Thanks again for making it for us!

  39. Dovergne -

    Very happy with these patches! They hold very well! I highly recommend them to diabetics!

  40. Villien -

    I am delighted with this product, it does not come off even in very hot weather. I'm going for a swim.

  41. Danielle MATHIEU -

    It looks very practical, we have to see it in use!

  42. Alexandre Laroche -

    Very comfortable to wear!
    And French too! 😍😍😍

  43. Croguennec -

    Very good products

  44. Croguennec -

    Very nice dising

  45. Croguennec -

    Looking forward to being able to.m in use

  46. Mejan -

    Hello, is it possible to test

  47. Bonnevile -

    And please stick to the sensor

    • Samir -

      Yes, absolutely, for a better fit

  48. mione -

    I find only one de-facto to take it off and stick it on the sensor afterwards

  49. Anouk -

    Tested and approved!
    Finally a summer of carefree swimming. My sensor no longer comes off underwater!
    I have found THE patch that holds up!

  50. STL -

    I've been using them for 15 days now and they are great. Don't hesitate, they are great...

  51. Océane -

    I have never been afraid of how others look at freestyle .... But with the protect sensor, I was showing it on purpose ! With its design, its shape, (I took the opportunity to explain the characteristics...) Everyone thought it was a tattoo !
    Don't hesitate, try it, it will be great!

  52. Piot Nathalie (baker) -

    Great. It lasted 10 days. Nice design. I hope the designer finds some nice new designs.
    Thank you. I will order 😆

  53. Lucie -

    The patches are very pleasant to wear and hold well. They don't rip off very often, but with these patches you don't have to worry.

  54. Céline -

    Glad I could test the protect sensor!
    A joy. Having a job where I move around a lot and after testing a lot of methods I finally found something that suits me.... I think I'll order soon
    Thank you sensor protect 😉

  55. Sam -

    As a sportsman, Sensor Protect allows me to fully use my FSL without tearing and with discretion. After testing many solutions, I finally found the product that combines comfort, durability and aesthetics

  56. Océane -

    Just received, already glued! It is great! Thank you very much!

  57. admin2098 -

    So cool!

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