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free freestyle sensor protector

Set of Capteur Protect patches - BLACK


(4 customer reviews)

Our patch for the Freestyle Libre FSL sensor gives you long-lasting adhesion to prevent your FSL sensor from peeling off and changing.

This kit is composed of 2 or 4 FSL freestyle sensor covers (see choice of options below).


Developed to withstand immersion in water

These patches effectively protect your freestyle sensor from coming unstuck and causing unwanted changes to your sensor. Developed to resist immersion in water, Sensor Protect allows your device to be held in place. In this way, thanks to this adhesive patch, you will forget the presence of your free freestyle sensor. You can use Capteur Protect in your daily life as well as during your most intense sports activities. Whether you are a swimmer or a runner, your patch will follow you in the pool or on a mountain trail. This free freestyle sensor protection is resistant to water pressure and perspiration. You can enjoy the benefits of your Capteur Protect patch for up to 14 days before changing it.

4 reviews for Lot de patches Capteur Protect noir

  1. Valerie J. -

    I wanted to give you some feedback on the use of your product. Since my arrival in Polynesia, I could not keep my sensor in place for more than 5 days. The fact that I was pricking my fingertips again was not pleasant but I had no choice. And then it's always complicated when you are issued with both strips/lancets and sensors every month.
    I did my first test with your protection during my last sensor installation. The protection withstood the sweat (32° at the moment), the baths in the ocean etc. I have my freedom back and I thank you for it.
    Thank you for this product

  2. Alexandre -

    Top! Every summer, it's a sensor nightmare. Between sweating and swimming, it never stays in place and I was fed up with the cellophane-like bandages on my arm. I had been looking for an effective and aesthetic protection for a while, but the few products available at the time were always too expensive or badly designed. Capteur protect is perfect, discreet and at a very affordable price. Thank you!

  3. Nicolas Ferretto -

    It's water resistant, stays on for a week without a problem, feels great, doesn't fray and no bad reactions from my skin. It's my new must-have, especially in summer.

  4. Dominique MAGNIN -

    I have been using the protect sensor for 3 months now and I have only kept it in place for 2×15 days, knowing that the sensor is in place for 15 days.

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